Student Athlete Cohort Application
This application form is to apply to join Education Matters' Student Athlete Cohort, a program which guides a group of bright A level students who are provincial/national in their sports through the full sports recruitment and application process to universities in the United States and Canada. Note that we are not agents and do not represent individual athletes.  We partner with School Sports Network to verify athletic talent, including use of the only mobile Fully Automated Timing equipment in Zimbabwe. We are limiting the 2017 cohort to 35 student athletes who are will be in L6 or U6 in 2017 and applying for 2018/19 admission.
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This could include personal best times (ie track, swimming, rowing, etc), Provincial and national side selection, etc
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You can continue with your application but if you get accepted in the cohort you will need to register as a member at Education USA.

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Achievements, awards, positions in second sport (if applicable)

Are you currently working with any agent or consultant on your sports scholarship process?

Please state name of agent/consultant/organization you are working with on your sports scholarship process.

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Please let us know more about why you are interested in joining the Education Matters Student Athlete Cohort and about your hope of studying in the U.S. with the assistance of a sports scholarship.
Thank you for completing the Education Matters' Student Athlete Cohort application form.  Please note that we only work with qualified students who are not working with any paid agents/consultants and require all cohort members also to join EducationUSA at the U.S. Embassy.  We will respond to your application within two weeks.
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